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The Global Interest In Iboga: A Journey of Discovery

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Rising global interest in psychedelics prompts critical questions about its impact on Gabon’s iboga tradition. The globalization of traditional plant medicines has ignited significant interest and controversy, particularly regarding substances like Iboga and its derivative, Ibogaine. These substances, deeply rooted in the spiritual and healing practices of Central African cultures, particularly in Gabon, have caught […]

The Impact of Western Demand on Africa’s Secret Iboga Tradition

Iboga tradition

The traditional use of Iboga, a psychoactive plant common to Central Africa, has undergone significant changes due to Western influence. Traditionally, Iboga has been integral to the Bwiti spiritual practices in countries such as Gabon and Cameroon. The Bwiti group uses Iboga for rituals, spiritual enlightenment, and as a rite of passage into adulthood for […]

Ibogaine Treatment and Addiction: Best Ways to Ingest Ibogaine

Ibogaine for addiction treatment

Ibogaine, extracted from the Tabernanthe iboga plant, has been researched for its potential applications in treating conditions like opioid addiction and other substance abuse disorders. The substance has a complex pharmacological profile, and the Best Ways to Ingest Ibogaine for addiction treatment play a significant role in its efficacy and safety. By understanding the methods […]

Finding Space and Freedom with Iboga

Finding Space and Freedom with Iboga

It’s amazing to think about the transformative power of Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga), a potent plant found in the heart of the dense forests of West Central Africa. For centuries, the Bwiti religion of Gabon and Cameroon has held this plant as a sacred sacrament because of its psychoactive properties. Many people have praised the therapeutic […]

Self-Harm Survival and Alternative Therapy.

Self-Harm Awareness Month

March marks Self-Harm Awareness Month, a crucial time dedicated to shedding light on a topic often shrouded in stigma and silence. Self-harm, a physical manifestation of emotional distress, affects individuals across various age groups and backgrounds. It’s a cry for help, an attempt to cope with overwhelming emotions. This blog post aims to open a […]

Ibogaine Drug Treatment Centers in Canada

Ibogaine Drug Treatment Centers in Canada

Canada known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture, also faces the challenge of drug addiction like many other countries around the world. In response to this growing concern, the country boasts a network of well-established drug addiction treatment centers that provide a range of services to help individuals recover and rebuild their lives. This […]

Ibogaine Therapy in Western Medicine

Ibogaine therapy and morden medicine

In this modern era, ibogaine therapy has garnered attention as a potential tool against substance use disorders, particularly opioid addiction. One potential beacon of hope has emerged from the jungles of Central Africa: the iboga plant and its primary alkaloid, ibogaine. Traditional to the Bwiti religion of Gabon, this plant has been used for centuries […]

Affordable Ibogaine Treatment Centers in Costa Rica

Affordable Ibogaine Treatment Centers in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica’s serene beauty, hope glows for those fighting addiction. Affordable Ibogaine treatment in Costa Rica offers not just a path to recovery but a journey towards rebirth. Amidst verdant landscapes and serene beaches, this Central American haven presents a groundbreaking approach to healing. Ibogaine, a naturally derived substance known for its powerful ability […]

Who needs iboga root bark, iboga ta, and iboga caps?

Understanding who needs Iboga

In recent years, there has been growing interest in the potential use of ibogaine as a treatment for addiction, particularly to opioids. However, the use of ibogaine remains controversial due to its potential side effects and legal status in many countries. Some people see iboga as a powerful tool for personal growth and healing, while […]

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