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Iboga Root Bark (150g)

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Delve deeper into personal growth with our 150g Iboga Root Bark pack. Ideal for sustained exploration, this pack offers a perfect balance between quantity and quality. We carefully prepare our 150g Iboga Root Bark, maintaining its natural potency and purity. Remember, due to its potent psychoactive properties, usage should be responsible, and in a safe environment.

Product Features and Uses

We carefully prepare our Iboga Sacred Wood from the Tabernanthe iboga plant, preserving its natural purity and potency. Indigenous cultures traditionally use it in healing rituals and ceremonies, and it has carved a place in modern alternative practices due to its potential physical and mental benefits.

You can use the Sacred Wood for various purposes:

  1. Ceremonial Use: The root bark has a sacred place in spiritual rituals, facilitating deep introspection and spiritual growth.
  2. Personal Growth: Some users report that Iboga encourages self-discovery and mental clarity, supporting personal development and transformation.
  3. Holistic Wellness: While not a medical treatment, some believe that Iboga Root Bark contributes to overall health and well-being.

Benefits of Iboga Root Bark

  1. Psychoactive Properties: People recognize the Sacred Wood for its potent psychoactive effects. Reports suggest that it supports introspection and encourages spiritual exploration.
  2. Promote Wellness: Many users believe in the potential of Iboga to contribute to overall mental and physical wellness.
  3. Premium Quality:  We source our Sacred Wood sustainably, ensuring that you receive a product as close to its natural state as possible. Also, we prioritize quality and purity, so you can trust in the authenticity of our product.

Safety Precautions

Approach the use of Sacred Wood with the respect it deserves due to its potent psychoactive effects. We advise using this product responsibly and in a safe environment, preferably under the guidance of a knowledgeable guide or practitioner. Also, it’s important to avoid using Iboga if you have certain medical conditions, including heart problems.

Experience the time-honored tradition of Sacred Wood and journey towards holistic wellness with our premium quality product.

(Note: Always use responsibly and seek professional guidance for proper dosage.)

Origin: Central African rainforest

Cultivars: LJS Group


1kg Iboga root barks for sale

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Weight 150 g
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