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How Ibogaine Treatment Works

How Our Ibogaine Treatment Works

Our Ibogaine treatment process is unique to each individual. How ibogaine treatment works would depend on certain conditions. A typical Ibogaine treatment can last anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, with the majority of the experience taking place within the first 8 hours.

How we do our Ibogaine Treatment

In reality, it's fairly typical for people to let their fear of the unknown to interfere with their thinking and experience anxiety that is more intense than the "average." But by responding to your inquiries, we want to allay your fears and make you feel confident in your choice to come to us for ibogaine therapy.

An individual goes through a physical and psychological assessment to determine their full ibogaine treatment protocol via live chat with our expert. 

Ibogaine is initially injected just before any withdrawal symptoms appear. Ibogaine won’t cure addiction, but it will stop withdrawal. The aim is to maintain the patient’s comfort during the full course of therapy.

We define a treatment protocol that’s right for YOU based on the completed assessment—no two treatment plans are the same.

Proper dosing of ibogaine is administered based on the treatment and healing protocol that is defined by our experts.

A few hours after your first dose of ibogaine is administered, you will enter a state in which you can comfortably reach your subconscious.  This is NOT a hallucination nor is this like taking LSD (acid) or other hallucinogenic drugs! However, you will be in a mental state that allows you to explore the feelings you have, past trauma that may have occurred, and other ailments of the subconscious that may be at the root of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you are not struggling with substance abuse, ibogaine will simply reset your body allowing it to heal from other ailments.

Deep introspection starts to occur and the client’s emotions begin to return about 24 hours after the first dosage of ibogaine is given. Although that may seem frightening, what is actually occurring is that YOUR body and mind are FINALLY cooperating to allow you to recover. The trauma is brought about by your subconscious, and as soon as you have a bad idea, it immediately leaves your body and doesn’t interfere with your life again.

Over several months, ibogaine stays active in the body. You no longer have cravings and are more motivated than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your body’s bad energy is eliminated throughout the ibogaine therapy, and it is replaced with good energy. You are urged to work with a reputable support group or aftercare program during this period to make sure you stay focused on the ongoing healing required for a lifetime of recovery.

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What People Fear About Ibogaine Treatment

When people first hear about ibogaine therapy, they have many questions, like "what is ibogaine therapy?" Will it hurt? Will it be like the time I spent at XYZ Rehab suffering for weeks? Will I have a dream? These are just a few of the questions that come to mind.

The Ibogaine Treatment Process

Many, especially those addicted to heroin, suboxone, methadone, or other opiates, fear withdrawal and are therefore afraid to seek help with the Ibogaine treatment process. However, the Ibogaine treatment process rebalances the body and stops any symptoms of withdrawal before they start. If you’re worried about withdrawal, and this is holding you back from seeking help, we encourage you to call and speak with us.

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Ibogaine treatment is different for everyone, but one common bond holds everyone together—the fact that ibogaine treatment helps people to become better versions of themselves. With negative energy released, and the whole body working properly, you become a healthier, happier version of the “you” that walked into our treatment facility weeks before.

Trust in us for we are here because of you

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey that lies ahead.

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