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Iboga Extracts

Iboga Root Bark

We source our premium Root Bark Extract directly from the heart of the Iboga plant to deliver nature’s full potency. If you’re seeking to explore the spiritual and therapeutic benefits of Iboga, our extract is ideal for you. We harvest it sustainably and process it meticulously to provide you with the most authentic experience.

What are Iboga Root Barks?

20 Years old Iboga Root Barks

Capture the essence of the Iboga plant in our Iboga Root Barks, providing a concentrated source of both therapeutic and spiritual benefits. We meticulously harvest these barks from mature Iboga plants in Central West Africa’s fertile soils to ensure a potent and authentic product.

About Eboga Root Barks

Indeed, the sacred wood is derived from the Tabernanthe iboga plant, a perennial rainforest shrub native to Central West Africa. The root bark is where the highest concentration of active alkaloids, such as ibogaine, is found. These alkaloids are known for their psychoactive properties, which have been utilized by indigenous groups in spiritual practices and rites of passage for centuries.

Our Harvesting Process

Hence, le bois sacré (French for “the sacred wood”) is sustainably and ethically harvested. Mature Iboga plants, aged 7-10 years, are chosen for the harvesting process. Only a portion of the root bark is harvested from each plant to ensure its continued growth and survival, underlining our commitment to sustainable practices

As a result, Ibogaine treatment is different for everyone, but one common bond holds everyone together—the fact that ibogaine treatment helps people to become better versions of themselves. With negative energy released, and the whole body working properly, you become a healthier, happier version of the “you” that walked into our treatment facility weeks before.

Are you prepared to see how you Truly appear when you’re healthy? Let’s talk about your initial ibogaine therapy when you speak with us. We look forward to assisting you in regaining control over your life and appreciate any questions or feedback you may have.

Natural Addiction Treatment with Iboga

Conversely, Iboga root barks have been traditionally used by some indigenous cultures for spiritual and healing purposes, such as initiation rites, divination, and treatment of addiction. If you are looking for a natural and powerful way to heal your mind, body, and spirit, you may want to buy iboga root barks online from a reputable and reliable source.

Processing and Quality Assurance

Moreover, we rigorously clean, dry, and grind the harvested root bark. Our meticulous quality assurance process verifies the purity and potency of each Iboga Root Bark batch. We test and certify each batch to guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

Usage and Potential Benefits

Specifically, reports indicate a range of potential benefits for Iboga Barks. People use them in spiritual practices for their psychoactive properties, which promote deep introspection and personal growth. Additionally, they have demonstrated promising outcomes in addiction therapy, especially for opioid dependencies, by resetting the brain’s addiction pathways.
Please note: Iboga Root Bark is a potent substance and should be used responsibly. Always seek professional advice before use.

What you get

Additionally, we are committed to providing high-quality, ethically sourced Iboga Root. We believe in the potential of this plant to promote healing and personal growth. When you purchase from us, you are not just buying a product, but becoming part of a journey towards wellness and sustainability.

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Accordingly, the dosage varies greatly depending on the intended use and the individual’s physical condition. We strongly recommend consulting a professional before using Iboga.

For example, our root barks are carefully cleaned, dried, and ground into a powder form to ensure easy usage while retaining their potency.

Absolutely, we only harvest a portion of the root bark from each plant to ensure its continued growth and survival.

  Iboga Root Barks has been used for personal growth and addiction treatment. However, users should always be under the guidance of a professional.

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