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Ibogaine in 2024: Learning about its complicated legal status

Ibogaine in 2024: Unravelling the Complexities of its Legal Status

As we step into 2024, the world of medicine and law intersects intriguingly with the story of Ibogaine, a substance shrouded in both potential and controversy. This post aims to unravel the complex legal tapestry surrounding Ibogaine, a compound hailed for its revolutionary approach to treating addiction but mired in legal ambiguities. Join us as […]

Exploring Ibogaine in Canada, Italy, and Beyond

In Canada, it’s legal to research Ibogaine, and it has its clinical trial program at the Vancouver Island Health Authority on Vancouver Island. But its legality varies depending on which country you’re living in. Ibogaine is illegal to use recreationally or medically in the U.S., while it’s legal in New Zealand. Ibogaine is the psychoactive […]

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